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Jacek Olender, trener języka angielskiego, założyciel i właściciel English Connection

Let me help you
be yourself in English

My name is Jacek Olender. I am a teacher of English as a foreign language. Over the past thirty years, I have helped thousands of students make their dream come true. - the dream of being truly themselves in English. Many of them have discovered that learning a foreign language does not have to be a boring task, but could become a real passion, which opened up countless opportunities in their personal and professional lives.

I'm based in Warsaw, Poland, but thanks to online classes we can work together on achieving your goals wherever you happen to live or work.

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English for discerning adult learners

  • online classes (high quality of sound and vision)

  • small groups (up to 4 students)

  • one-to-one classes

  • all levels

  • only adult learners

  • flexible starting dates and duration of courses

  • no coursebooks - only authentic materials tailored to the profile of the learners and their language competence

  • interesting teaching techniques: storytelling, guided grammar discovery

  • learning about effective ways of self-study

  • access to carefully curated selection of articles, podcasts and videos complementing the study process

  • easy monthly payments

We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you want to know more?

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