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English Connection is an original English language school that I have run since 1996. For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in what goes on in our heads when we learn the language. In my classes you will benefit from the effects of almost thirty years of research in this field and practice in teaching adults. I will help you to like learning a language. I will show how English can become a way for your personal and professional development. Together we will try to achieve your goal - to be yourself in English.

We are located in Wilanów, but we offer online English courses, thanks to which you can develop English skills with me wherever you live or work, in the country and abroad.

Jacek Olender

  • online classes

  • small groups (maximum 4 students or individual lessons)

  • adult listeners only

  • no textbooks - only engaging, authentic, current materials and interesting teaching techniques: storytelling, guided grammar discovery

  • learning effective ways of self-study

  • possibility to start studying every week


Live classes in small groups - materials and methods that make the most of the Zoom platform- equipment used by the teacher, which guarantees the highest quality of image and sound

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Do you have a question? Write to us. We will be happy to answer.

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