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I started teaching English in 1994, still in college and just a year after a three-year life-forming experience of studying and working in London. Two years later, in 1996, I founded English Connection fully aware that teaching was my vocation. And, although my professional career involved stints in travel business and event industry, it is teaching that still remains my passion. 

English Connection is not only a school or a business. It is my life-long project aimed at providing adult learners with the most efficient and enjoyable path towards their desired destination - English language fluency.


You can start your journey with me today no matter what your starting point is. Whether you are a beginner, a student stuck at an intermediate level, not able to make any progress, or an advanced user of English who would like a stimulating environment to further their knowledge, I will do everything to make your effort worthwhile. 

I cannot guarantee that you will ever reach your destination, but I am sure you will get far and enjoy the journey. 


Jacek Olender

Want a chat about your needs?

Write to us and we'll meet up on Zoom

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  • online classes or courses in our school in Warsaw

  • one-to-one or small group lessons (up to 6 students in group)

  • only adult learners

  • all levels

  • mixed nationalities in groups

  • no couresbooks, but plenty of real content: articles, videos

  • engaging teaching techniques, e.g. storytelling or guided grammar discovery

  • language learning coaching - you will not only learn language but discover how to learn yourself more efficiently

  • flexible terms and conditions

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Get in touch

7/2 Franciszka Klimczaka
Warszawa, 02-972


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