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How We Teach

We follow three main rules:

1. Engaging classes, whose content is relevant to students

2. No coursebooks

3. Grammar self-discovery

In our classes, you ...

Variety of activities and topics adjusted to the profile of students ensures your engagement and the overall efficiency of your learning process.

... don't get bored

... build confidence, fluency and correctness

... speak only in English

... remember more and for a longer time

... get all learning materials

... are encouraged to study on your own

... are treated as an adult, not as a pupil

... develop all skills

In activities focusing on correctness, your teacher will provide feedback pointing out your errors.  But during conversations you won't be interrupted, which will let you build up confidence and fluency.

Right from the start you will be encouraged to communicate only in English. Your instructor will use only English adjusting the choice of vocabulary and structures to your level.

Your teacher will not present grammar rules in a lecture format, but will facilitate the process in which you will discover the rules yourself. This way you are more likely to remember them longer.

You will have access to articles from current issues of English-language newspapers and magazine, as well as selected audio and video materials complementing work done in class.

You will have access to a special folder on Evernote platform, in which you will find all from lessons and all text, audio and video materials used in the course.

It is no accident that we underline that we run courses for adult learners.  We will not patronize you, but treat you as partner. We will not make you bored with childish stories and games, but rather explore your interests and  passions.

All group courses develop all language skills. We will obviously spend more time and effort on those aspects which you find most challenging. You will always have a lot of opportunities to speak and learn new vocabulary.

Group or one-to-one classes?

There are a lot of choices you have to make in your daily life.  Before joining our course you only need to decide whether you would like to study in a group or in one-to-one classes.

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