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One-to-one Course



Number of students


Frequency of classes

set indivuidually

Length of classes

60 minutes

Class hours:

7:00-13:00 and 17:00-21:00

Course dates

You can start the course any week


All levels

Price per class

Set individually, depends on the specific needs of a student

What can I expect from a one-to-one course?

  • Your course is completely tailored to your needs. Do you want to prepare for work in an English-speaking environment? Pass the exam? Together with the language trainer you will set your own syllabus.

  • What's more, the program will be constantly adapted to your current challenges. If you work in the IT industry or deal with project management, you probably know the term agile;. We use the agile approach in our courses.

  • You will develop all language skills, with particular focus on speaking.

  • You will quickly gain confidence realising that you are able to talk on a wide range of topics. Lunch with an English-speaking business partner will no longer be a nightmare but become an opportunity to present your language skills. You will learn to use whole phrases in the right context. You will finally stop translating sentences from your native language in your head and start expressing your thoughts automatically and naturally in English.

  • You will not get bored by textbooks, but you will learn English naturally by talking, reading, and listening to authentic materials about relevant topics.

  • You will have continuous access to hundreds of articles and visual materials after class.

  • You will learn the methods and tools for effective self-study.

  • Thanks to the use of modern audio-visual equipment by your language instructor, you will find that online format is more effective and convenient than traditional classroom setting.

  • You will be inspired but not criticized, motivated but not treated like a student in a primary school.

  • You will find that learning English can be an inspiring journey to self-development.

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