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How We Teach

Three main principles:

1. Engaging classes, the content of which is relevant to the student

2. No textbooks

3. Grammar self-discovery

In our classes ...

A variety of activities and engaging content, adapted to the profile of students make you maximally interested and focused, which affects the effectiveness of language acquisition process.

... you are not  bored

... you build confidence and develop correctness

... you speak only English

... you remember more and for longer

... you get all the learning materials you need

... you learn not only in class

... you are treated as an adult

... you develop all your skills

Your mistakes will be corrected during exercises aimed at developing correctness. During the conversation, the teacher will not interrupt your speech, which has a positive effect on acquiring fluency and self-confidence.

Right from the start you will be encouraged to communicate only in English. Your instructor will use only English adjusting the choice of vocabulary and structures to your level.

Grammar rules are not presented in the form of a lecture, but through activities in which the students themselves attempt to formulate the rules. This makes it easier to encode information in long-term memory.

You will have access to articles from current issues of English-language newspapers and magazine, as well as selected audio and video materials complementing work done in class.

You have access to a folder dedicated to your course on the Evernote platform. You can find there all lesson notes and other text, audio and video materials used or connected with the classes.

It is not without reason that we emphasize that our courses are for adults. We do not treat students as children. We do not bore them with infantile games or stories. We treat them as partners in a joint project.

All group courses develop all language skills. Naturally, we spend more time and effort on those aspects which you find most challenging. You will always have a lot of opportunities to speak and learn new vocabulary.

In a group or individually?

The only choice you have to make before signing up for our classes is to choose between a group or individual course. You can leave the rest to us.

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