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Group course



Number of students


Frequency of classes

2 meetings per week (Mon-Wed, Tue-Thu, Wed-Fri, Mon-Fri)

Length of classes

60 minutes

Class hours

7:00-13:00 and 17:00-21:00

Course dates

You can start the course any week


All levels

Price per class:

85 PLN / 60 min.

What can you expect from a group course?

  • You will find yourself in a group of people, whose English level, age and professional profile will be similar to yours. You will enjoy being part of a group, and benefit from the fact that it is small.

  • You will develop all language skills, especially speaking.

  • You will participate in discussions during which your trainer will create opportunities for you to learn new vocabulary and structures.

  • You will not only develop your knowledge of English, but also share the knowledge with other course participants.

  • You will learn to use whole phrases in the right context. You will finally stop translating sentences from your native language and start expressing your thoughts automatically and naturally.

  • You will not get bored by blunt content of textbooks, but you will learn English naturally by talking, reading, land listening to authentic materials about relevant topics.

  • You will have continuous access to hundreds of articles and visual materials after class.

  • You will learn the methods and tools for effective self-study.

  • Thanks to the use of modern audio-visual equipment by your language instructor, you will find that online format is more effective and convenient than traditional classroom setting.

  • You will be inspired but not criticized, motivated but not treated like a student in a primary school.

  • You will find that learning English can be an inspiring journey to self-development.

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